DH Cosby

Hi Chris & Karissa: We just sent an invite to Thera’s 6th B-day party. It’s rather informal, and we’re using at an excuse to hang w/friends/family/acquintances to catch up and play. It’s at the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, from 1 to 3, then we are heading back to our home for cake/ice cream & a BBQ. We’d love for you and your family to come, if you’re up for it! Have you ever been to the Children’s Museum, it’s such a cool place for kids of all ages. If not, no sweat but we’d like to hang w/you guys soon. Your wife & I everytime we see each other say we’ll plan something and we don’t. I imagine between having kids and caring for them amongst other things that’s not hard to do. In HIM, D&H Cosby


Ohh, this makes me so sad all over again that I haven’t gotten to hold that sweet BABE!

…and my vote is for a picture of your bride holding her newest love….post THAT, and it will trump all 🙂

Love you guys!


You are right Kim…but if I posted one of those it would not be a fair competition. I am surprised and pretty impressed with Nate’s skills, prepping for one of his own maybe???


Hmm…you are so right…that IS a pretty priceless picture. Tho the one of Rylee in Sweet Baby Heaven is pretty great too!


I vote for Rylee. 🙂 I love that in every picture of her holding Audrey you can see the love for her sister all over her face.