In the midst of all the holiday hussle and last minute things, if you are reading this and would pray with us for Audrey we would so appreciate it.  She has not been eating well at all since yesterday noon.  This is how her kidney infection started in November and though a preliminary test today showed no infection (two days to know for sure), she obviously doesn’t feel well and something is wrong.  She is not at all herself.  We had a morning of fun Christmas stuff planned and spent the morning traveling in really crummy road conditions to get to the doctor and back instead.  We would love to avoid time at the hospital and help our girl get back to health and happiness.  Thanks for your prayers!



We will be praying for Audrey’s health and spirit. Let us know if you need anything. I cant begin to imagine how you all are feeling. Big hugs to everyone


We love you guys and we are praying.

Heather H.

We will be praying! Let us know if you need anything. Love you guys!