Audrey update

Hello all,

I just got back from the hospital and Audrey was looking much better (if you don’t know what is going on make sure you read here).  She is still on IV fluids and is not eating well.  The times that she does eat, she is taking a bottle.  It is good that she is getting fluids from a bottle, but her mama would prefer that she goes back to nursing.  The lactation consultant was saying that Audrey is on a “nursing strike.”  Just one more thing not to like about unions.  I think her great grandpa who was the President of National Right to Work for 35 years, might have something to say about the little strike that she is on.  

She is not her usual smiling self, but I was able to get a bit of a smile out of her while holding her today.  Karissa got some rest last night with the help of dear friends and family.  Audrey will get to come home when she is able to stay hydrated sufficiently on her own without the aid of the IV fluids.  

Thank you to all who have prayed.  We are hoping she comes home tonight but it is likely that she will stay one more night.  Please continue to pray that her body would fight off the Kidney Infection with the aid of the antibiotics and that she would begin to nurse again.  Also pray for continued rest for Karissa.




You better believe gpa would have something to say about the strike…LOL. Nice touch.
Glad to hear things are getting better. K sounded good when I spoke with her this morning. Praying for you all. Lots of Love from Nash


Praying for you all!


Thank you everyone for praying!