As Waters Gone By – a review and giveaway!

It’s not every day one of your dearest friends publishes their first book.  And its certainly not every day you get to see the culmination of someone’s dream become reality.  It is truly a gift to see the result of one person’s blood, sweat, tears, prayer and determination.

Tina is (has always been) one of the most tenacious people I know.  I wrote a little snippet of our story here, last year before she moved with her family to Chile.  Truth is we could probably write a book full of stories about all our adventures and shenanigans and heartbreaks along the way.  Five years ago she began a journey with a book and last month it was published.  A lot of life happens in five years and it would have been tempting for many I’m sure to give up.  Tina is many things, but she is not one to give up.  Ever.

I haven’t read copious amounts of young adult/teen fiction.  What I have thumbed through or read I would not consider excellent writing and often is chock full of questionable content.  More than that it often lacks a believable cast of characters and an underlying message that means something.  As Waters Gone By doesn’t fit that description at all.

The heartaches Ellie faces are issues no seventeen year old would want to walk through.  She has choices to make that are anything but easy.  The reality is that so much of life isn’t what we choose and as time passes, we figure out how unpredictable things really are.  Though its been almost four years, our own story of loss still makes my heart hurt.  Loss is a fairly universal theme and one that just about anyone can identify with.  There is a message between the lines of this book that is for everyone but I can see it being especially enjoyed by individuals in their late teens and twenties.

***I have two signed copies of Tina’s book to giveaway, just comment below and I’ll draw two names on Monday!***

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Kim McGinnis

Collecting great books for the teen room at the Boys & Girls Club! As Waters Gone By…a must 🙂


I love the title of the book! Congratulations to your friend on the launch of her book and I wish her debut much success. I’m in the midst of writing my first novel, so I find comfort that her journey took some time–glad to know we’re all walking similar roads. Karissa, hugs to you and yours. Four years later and my heart still hurts your family’s loss. xo

Wendy Shirmedov

Nice post, Carissa! Congrats, Tina!!!!

Michelle J

I love that our daughters can have characters to inspire them! Thanks for the review, can’t wait to get a copy for our home library.


Can’t wait to read this..sounds amazing