Are we really in our thirties?

Having dated since we were 15 years old Christopher and I have spent more birthdays together now in our life than not.  My husband is graced with the dilemma that he looks significantly younger than he is, so it may not seem possible that we are delving into our thirties but it’s true.  When he pastored the jr high group at church as a young twenty-something,  I often found a parent looking around the room for who was in charge-just sure that it couldn’t be the guy up front who looked like he was still in high school.  I had the pleasure of telling them, yes it was.  Always made me smile.

This is us the year we started dating April of 1995-the night of our first date actually, don’t laugh too hard…

c and k 1995

Two years ago in 2007 as he turned the big 3-0,  I wrote these words to my love on his birthday, a gift that I’m quite sure I’ll never be able to top:

It is quiet in the backyard with just me and Kyler today.  He seems a tad restless.  His entertainers are asleep.  I think for a minute of what life would be like with only Kyler.  It would be peaceful and quiet and quite simple.  But then it would be missing so much.  It would be missing Rylee’s deep belly laugh and her soft silky hair.  It would be missing Caleb’s boistrous tackles and his gorgeous blue eyes.  It would be missing a tremendous amount of beauty and wonder and life.  Just as we have been exhausted, frustrated and pushed beyond what we imagined we could handle-so also have we been blessed beyond measure, cared for by God’s provision and overwhelmed with joy.

We have been forever changed by their presence in our lives.  In the same way that God has expanded our hearts and multiplied our love, He is faithful and He will do it again.  I know this isn’t your plan or timing, it isn’t mine either.  But in His infinite wisdom, generosity and abundant love for us, God is sharing another one-of-a-kind reflection  of His creativity and glory with our family.

Yes.  On today, your 30th birthday I am telling you that on May 17, my 30th birthday-our fourth child is due.

That gift was Audrey Rose.  Born to us at a time of chaos and brokenness, her life drew us back together in a way that is beyond words.  She is a daily reminder of God’s goodness to us.

audie 9-09

Happy Birthday Christopher-I hope for many, many more years to celebrate with you!



Tissue please. A sweet, heartfelt dedication. And yes, why hasn’t Christopher aged one bit?! No fair! And he probably weighs the same too!


Mina, um yes he does, you are so right. Not one bit of fairness in that!!!


And for the record, when I asked my kids they said “Oh my, what a funny picture of Daddy with Auntie Stephie!”. Sorry Steph!


Happy Birthday!


Just beautiful! I got shivers. I just love reading your blog. So articulate and honest and heartfelt. You are blessed with a gift to communicate so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your journey; it is encouraging and uplifts me whenever I read it.


I love that picture of the two of you – it is adorable! On that date you could have never imagined you’d have that beautiful Audrey Rose…and as your fourth child to boot! Happy Birthday Christopher!


So sweet. I almost started crying. Thank you so much for sharing that. And, yes…it is highly unfair that he still weighs the same as he did in HS. I’m so jealous!! Happy birthday,Christopher 🙂