Anyone know how to make a tent?

So Paul was a tent-maker and on the side he started a bunch of churches, pretty cool if you ask me. I am certainly no Paul, nor do I know how to make tents, however, I am considering following in his foot steps. A dream that God had laid on my heart about a year ago might be coming into reality sooner than I had anticipated. Karissa and I are still trying to discern the right thing to do in the midst of my career change, but we are currently leaning toward planting a church and working outside the church while it is neccessary to do so. There are other ideas floating out there, but this is where our heart is currently. The only catch, I need to figure out how to get paid to make tents.



Kristin McKinnon

Very exciting!!! Can’t wait to see how God directs you guys… that tent looks pretty fancy – once you figure out how to make them I’m SURE there will be buyers!


I don’t know how to make a tent but I can make some pretty good mac and cheese. I’m in!


Ya, I’m no good with the tent making either, but I can save lives. Wait, did I say, save lives? I meant I can put people on bedpans.