And there were shepherds…

That same night, in amongst the other stars, suddenly a bright new star appeared….God put it there when his baby Son was born – to be like a spotlight.  Shining on him.  Lighting up the darkness.  Showing the way to him….He pulled out all the stops.  He’d sent an angel to tell Mary the good news.  He’d put a special star in the sky to show where his boy was.  And now he was going to send a big choir of angels to sing his happy song to the world…

Now where would you send your splendid choir?  To a big concert hall maybe?  Or a palace perhaps?  God send his to a little hillside, outside a little town, in the middle of the night.  He sent all those angels to sing for a raggedy old bunch of shepherds watching their sheep outside Bethlehem.

(from the Jesus Storybook Bible)

I love this part of the story, God’s story.  I love that he didn’t put on a fancy show for all the wealthy rulers of the day.  I love that he chose this little bunch of hard-working, smelly, totally-average guys working in a field to be the first to hear the angels singing in the sky over Bethlehem about the new baby King.

I get that he came for everyone.  For the ones with money and the ones without.  For the ones with their lives all put together and the ones whose hearts were breaking.

But the entrance he made, in this simple stable to a simple family announced by cherubim to some men on the bottom of the totem pole of the working world somehow makes a bold statement about his character that touches my heart so deeply.

I don’t need to be all cleaned up.  I don’t need to wear fancy clothes or live in a lovely home in the best neighborhood.  I don’t need to get paid more than everybody else.  I don’t need to get it all right all the time.

I just need to follow God’s light like the shepherds and when I find my way to the King, I simply need to kneel in awe.

We may all have found Him in different ways (and maybe we’re still searching)….sometimes I think the star that we’re looking for is a mere flicker when we’d rather it be a blazing fire.  Maybe we came right away like the shepherds or maybe we came through deserts and cities and our bodies hurt from the journey like the wisemen.

Whatever the case, we are reveling in the miracle he is.  We are going to sleep singing “Silent Night” and delighting in all the little chances we get to share love with each other and with whomever crosses our paths.  Here are some snapshots of our family participating in the live nativity for a Christmas party put on to serve low-income families in our community-it was an incredible night:

Baby Jesus was a little fussy, but happy to have a binky 🙂
Pretty sure I owe my brother-in-law dinner for my last minute request to fill in as a shepherd!
This angel had some Red Bull...
Not great lighting for photos, but this was the evening for us, people mulling around-walking through the nativity scene
Again, weird light, but Rylee loved tending to the animals whenever she could

Our entire family was there helping in all sorts of ways, one of my sisters said that the little boy in the family she was with kept asking to go back outside to the nativity.  When they said “To see the donkey?”, he said “No, baby Jesus, I want to see baby Jesus again!”

While I understand the fun of the Santa story, I loved being able to help bring this piece of  Christmas to the party.  It was a wonderful night!



Even if the pics weren’t perfect, it was a perfectly wonderful evening. I just know that some of those little hearts will carry with them the awe of Baby Jesus who came. And that God will continue to reveal Himself in their journeys.


LOVE the pictures!! What a fun, fun night. That little boy, Landon, was so precious. It was so sweet to hear him say that over and over. How’s the chicken doing???


That was such a special evening. Loved having our whole family involved. Thanks for all your hard work.


I have goose bumps and I’m in tears. You are such a good writer Karissa. I love how you correlated Jesus’ humnble entrance to our being able to not be all cleaned up. I SO needed to hear that.


This really touched me. There’s been a lot of discussion in our house these days about simple living. Today during our monthly lunch date I told James that the only thing I really want is to live on a tropical island, in a small hut, raising babies and working in the community…we don’t need that much…less is more.


Thank you all! I loved it! What a special night.