An update

I just got off the phone with Karissa.  The Dr. had just come to see Audrey and made the determination that she will need to stay one more night for sure.  She is not rallying the way they would like to see, and certainly not eating enough.  They are concerned for the kidneys because the infection must have been pretty bad for how long she is taking to recover.  We won’t know to what extent the damage was until we go back to Children’s to update their records on her kidneys.  The one silver lining is that Audrey is choosing to eat from her mama instead of the bottle.  Now we just need her to get back to her normal intake level.




Still praying here.


And here! Thinking of you all constantly as you “nurse” your bebe back to health….


still praying and wishing terribly i was there to help. thanks for being so good about keeping us all updated on the latest. love you.


Thinking about you guys and praying hard! Thank for all the updates. Seriously though….enough attacking the Strovas kidneys! much love….


Shared Audrey Rose’s condition with family this evening. They are all praying. Shared the blog with some that had not had the blog before. Eddie did not come as Della has had some heart attacks and is being scheduled for surgery soon. Everyone sends their love. Praying thanks for Audrey nursing and that the infection will clear quickly so her appetite will improve. Praying for strength and peace. Audrey is in the Lord’s hands and we know that His time is not ours; but asking that His healing hand touch her little body for quick recovery with no lasting damage. Love to you all.