An epic night

We got an email invitation a few weeks ago to jedi warriors and princesses for a galactic evening to remember at Nana and Papa’s house.  In unbelievable Star Wars style, Monday night went down as one of the most anticipated fun fests in the history of the lives of our children….

The oldest four knocked on the door.  They waited and knocked again.  They were all dressed up as four Star Wars characters.  Then there was music.  Even through the front door we heard the blaring soundtrack as the exuberant “grandmother of Princess Leia” answered the door.  The kids grinned and went in.  “Welcome to the Crazy Canteena” she told them.  They walked upstairs to the kitchen and were greeted by tons of fog/smoke (from dry ice) pouring off the counters and a “fierce ” looking bad
guy (?) reaching up from the mist.

The kids did a dance in the kitchen with “Grandmother” and “Unknown Bad Guy Papa”

We had dinner, below is the ridiculously creative menu from Nana:

Then Papa gave a lesson from the Bible on wearing God’s armor and how God has the power to defeat all the bad.  It was pretty awesome.

Dessert was Death Star balls and little Darth Vader Delights – how cute are those little bad dudes?

It was a night to remember. We feel totally thankful to have such stellar grandparents for our kids nearby.  It is precious.


Julie Strovas

I’m going to have to stop reading these…my eyes leak too much.

Pat Sween

We are blessed to have such a great family to do fun and crazy things with. And to have son in laws who look so handsome in punk, long blond and clown wigs! It will be another special memory for me.


What a fun night! Nana and Papa are pretty amazing. Can’t wait until Jason and I can add to the crew of grandkids 🙂


Me either!!!!


amazing!i love this .family is the best.i have fond memories as a child of your mom…and um,gluing the fisher price guys to their house!lol


That is so incredible! I love it!

Jacqueline Strovas

Blessings to you all for creating such great memories.