All the fun you can have with peach spandex

Two years ago I bought several yards of peach colored spandex.  That was the color that was on sale.  And our son’s OT said spandex was incredible for providing sensory input.  We were up for trying anything.  With rain on the way for months to come, I thought we’d share our list of ridiculous fun that has come from this one piece of fabric…

1.  Spandex Burrito – we wrap a kid up in a snug roll and let them slide around in there

2. Spandex in a knot – we place a kid in the middle of the spandex, tie them up tight in a ball and listen to them giggle and shriek while they find their way out through the hole (while this could sound bad, it has been nothing but crazy fun for us all!)

3. Spandex tug-of-war – this stretchy stuff is perfect for pulling on and having an awesome tug-of-war contest

4. Spandex swing – we place a kid in the middle and each take two corners and bounce kids up and down as long as our arms keep working

5. Spandex sliding – the stuff is super slippery and when running onto it, can send you flying across the floor (again, this could end badly but so far no major injuries here)

I’m pretty sure there are more things we could do with this spectacular piece of material that was well worth a few bucks.  It is hard to get physical energy out in a small house for weeks on end.  This is one way we make it through, just thought I ought to share 🙂



You are the most creative Mom!!! I must get some spandex now… thanks for the ideas!


I want some pictures! 🙂