Acorns and donuts

#270 – finding a giant oak tree at the park today

#271 – finding tiny acorns under that giant tree

#272 – being amazed

#273 – leaf and acorn collecting in the rain

#274 – homemade donuts…how could anything taste so good?!?

#275 – a husband who calls home to ask me to make tea for him with “whatever all that stuff is you put in it”

#276 – getting to care for him when he doesn’t feel good

#277 – taking time to be on the floor with my children

#278 – learning how to braid girl hair

#279 – a long drive, a long day and happy hearts

#280 – warm socks

#281 – a date night on the horizon

#282 – forgiveness

#283 – eggnog lattes

#284 – sisters (yes, that’s Audrey in a sling with Rylee)

#285 – shirtless boys hard at work carving



I am going to need some more of that tea and all that “stuff” when I get home :).


I love you :-).


You 2 are so cute!!

You inspired me to look up a dairy free donut recipe. Went to Safeway today for the ingredients. As soon as I find some “agave nectar” I can make them – the Safeway staff gave up after 1 aisle and I gave up after 3 more with 3 kids. 🙂 Not too many wholistic places in PO so we’ll see!!!

LOVE Rylee slinging Audrey! Precious.


I was just WAITING to see this photo on your blog. It is wonderful! Not easy to get one that good – NICE!