According to the dig

If hundreds of years passed and our house was buried under dirt and rocks and archaeologists came to discover about the ancient Strovas civilization by carefully roping off quadrants and sifting through the rubble piece by piece, then these are the findings they would report (according the our mock bean box dig and study of archaeology/history this afternoon!):

They knew how to can their food.

They played baseball.

They could build things with their toys.

They could buy stuff.

They could cut things.

They could keep themselves clean and clip their nails.

They could drive or play with cars.

They had a baby with hair that needed to be in clips.

They could write.

They had electricity and could call people.

They had garbage.

They could cook and eat.

They had tools.

They drank beer.


I love this.




What a wonderful lesson to do Karissa!


Hah, funny! Right now our house would show “they drank A LOT of beer,” since we currently have 10 gallons. “It’s to share,” says Todd. So, please come over and drink some of our beer. 🙂


That’s hilarious!!!!


How fun!!