A typical homeschool day (for us!)

With four kids between ages 17 months and 6 1/2 years old, we wanted to not take ourselves too seriously but we also wanted to establish a habit and pattern of learning daily.  Of the many reasons we are homeschooling, one is simply that we believe that learning at home allows for children to be free to express themselves in various ways but especially through ample time to play.  Every week as we are soaking in new things, I love sitting back and watching their new knowledge manifest itself in where their imagination takes them once they are free to roam.

So since Kristin asked, here’s what our days are shaping up to look like as we’re beginning the fourth week of ‘school’:

6:15 ish – Dad leaves for work and always whispers goodbye to me in bed (this is my signal to start waking up, this and the chickens who are waiting for me outside my bedroom window)

6:45 ish – Kids starting to stir, I grab a shower or coffee, whichever seems more necessary for the day (usually coffee)

7:30 or 8 – Breakfast (kids make eggs or oatmeal or toast or I make pancakes or waffles)

8 ish – Everybody gets dressed, food packed if we are heading for an outing later, then we play for a bit (Rylee feeds the dog and cat, Caleb or I let out the chickens!)

9 or 9:30 – We snug on the couch to read the book of the week from our Five in a Row program then we sit and I ask questions and we usually talk about a different aspect of the book for about 20 minutes each day.  The FIAR manual is a great starting point for ideas and more come as the week moves on.  I’ve been focusing each day on one area like history or art or language in relation to the book.

10 ish – Then we play and I pick up the kitchen and drink more coffee 🙂

10:30 – I break out the fun box for Kyler and Audrey to play with.  It is reserved only for while I’m working on things with the older two.  During this time I do a math activity often out of Family Math, a book Kim recommended that we love.  Or we just make up games and play with manipulatives and talk about numbers.  We’ve started Math-u-See twice now and they’re not quite ready yet.  Especially Caleb needs a lot of movement by this time, bouncing on the ball, rope swinging, or spinning – whatever.  Just don’t picture us sitting still, they learn best when they are moving.  Even Rylee without any sensory processing issues.

11 – We play, I get lunch started and check email, we often go for a walk at this time (and talk about nature and animals while we’re out) if at all possible.

12 – Lunch

1 – The little two  go down for naps – I use this time to do our handwriting (HWT) and phonics (Explode the Code) work with Caleb and Rylee.  They are both using the same workbooks and both are loving it.   The competition issue has been a bit rough, another post later about that!  We also read several Bible stories out loud at this time, they always seems to talk me into ‘one more’ about 3 times.  Our longer read aloud time is best done when the little two are sleeping.

1:30 or 2 – Rylee (yes, oldest!) if need be, takes a nap then and Caleb plays with puzzles or cars or legos

4 – Everyone is up, I’m getting dinner started and I’m possibly missing the TV a bit at this hour

5 – We ride bikes and play outside if dinner is cooking

6 – Dinner, if we’re lucky this includes Daddy

7:30 – Bedtime parade begins: Caleb, Audrey, Kyler, Rylee – in that order!

8:30 – Rylee is at her best at this hour.  Sigh.  I wish I was!  She will work on reading and writing again at this time especially if she was tired and napped earlier.

9 – We work on reclaiming the house, we’ve promised to not ‘check out’ for the day till that happens and it’s made a world of difference for me feeling like I can tackle each day

11 – On a good day we go to bed by this time,  trying to pray together but sometimes falling asleep while we do…

And then there’s always more coffee and a fresh start for the next day.  Thank goodness.



whoah!!!! that puts any day in my life to shame. you are my hero my sweet sister. have a great day tomorrow! love you.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It so helps to see what a typical day looks like. I am feeling a bit inadequate to get started in our home on an official basis…you’re helping me move closer. You’ve given me some ideas working around naptime. It is nice to see how you’ve personalized it to what each kid needs.