A treasure of a day

Throughout my childhood my grandparents lived every summer in a darling beachfront cottage on a saltwater bay near the Canadian border.  It is the place I remember them being happy.  It was the home of a multitude of treasured memories made with my two sisters and my parents.  I could tell dozens of stories that wouldn’t mean anything to you but they mean everything to me.  It was a precious place.

My grandpa died when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child.  My grandma joined him two years later.  They’d lived miles from our home all my life.  But their happy place was the summer one.  So they were buried there.  Today, on our way to a birthday party at that same beach, we stopped by the tiny cemetery to lay flowers from my garden.   This was the first time I’ve felt like I could go back to the beach.  And even now, as soon as I stepped out of the car and smelled the water, my eyes welled up.

#119 – a softly whispered “I miss you” and the bittersweetness of remembering

#120 – the anticipation of a new life

#121 – grieving that life passed will never meet our #5

#122 – friends…worth 2 hours drive in the car anyday

#123 – smiles through tears….the sweetness of sharing stories and memories with my first born

#124 – how it feels to spend a day with people that are easy to be with, that are a part of our history and our present

#125 – our combined nine children loving each other

#126 – sno cones.  at the very same candy shop I grew up going to with my sisters.  the taste hasn’t changed one bit.

#127 – the hope of new memories, new stories and new favorite places

#128 – tradition

#129 – seeing my son happy for an entire, whole day – the blessing to my heart this is I cannot express

#130 – dirty feet = abundant fun had

#131 – the way time heals so many things

#132 – pink cheeks

#133 – the forgiveness of my husband

#134 – learning to love the gift of today, even when my kitchen is a perpetual mess

#135 – the way my kids eat 2 pounds of cherries in 15 minutes

#136 – working through criticism and finding understanding

#137 – the miracle of a butterfly

#138 – a late winter baby on the way (did I say that already…I might be excited!?)



Bittersweet post. Memories flooded my heart and head as I read your words and looked at the pictures. Many years of precious memories forever etched on our hearts. Love you.


While memories can be bittersweet, they are precious. This is a lovely post! Thank you for sharing.


Congrats on #138! Love your list. Enjoyed the picture of the dirty feet…definitely a sign of a great time! Have a wonderful day.


I join you in gratitude for time that truly does heal and for dirty feet that equal a grand time. Memories are precious treasures. I rejoice with you for these memories of precious time on the beach with loved ones and new memories that can fill our hearts with love.


We are still living in the glow of yesterday. Our day with you could not have been better; I was so sad to see it come to an end! Can’t say I remember the kids ever having a whole day of no arguments! We are blessed by you 7, thank you a million times over for coming (and staying)! xo


What a glorious day!!! I’m so glad. You have quite a glow going. 🙂

Mama Zen

I love #134 on your list!

Jon Sween

Oh my did my eyes well up with tears. So many fond memories with mom and dad. They were quite a pair. I am so glad we’re making new memories at Snowater and will for years to come. I love the phrase a theology of place. God gives us special places where He reveals His character.


Tears for me too. But the tears of sweet memories treasured are so much better than the sadness of never having had those idyllic days.