A Tale of Two Teeth

I might be a bit biased, but that is a cute smile!
I might be a bit biased, but that is a cute smile!

Audrey is just about nine months now and has already acquired some major life accomplishments.  She can “army crawl” as fast as any Marine.  Although she chooses not to use them to eat any food, she has two teeth ready to take on an 8oz fillet from Ruth Chris.  I don’t have any official stat on this one, but I am pretty sure she has ridden in more baby carriers than any other baby in the history of the world.  Audrey has also brought endless joy to her each of her siblings.  Most of all she has her Mommy and Daddy wrapped around her little finger, but that didn’t take much more than a smile.



What a sweetheart. I am glad to see her smiling again!


She is such a doll! Make sure she doesn’t start walking before I get home.. 🙂

Kristin McKinnon

She looks adorable. I hope this means Karissa is getting more sleep… It is so nice to see a Dad so in love with his kids. 🙂 Oh, and Karissa, maybe you should start a contest: aren’t there more carriers out there you haven’t quite yet tested?!!


Okay people, it’s really not that out of control, these are the carriers Audrey has enjoyed in the last 8 months:
*Moby Wrap-good for newborns
*Baby Bjorn-best for dads
*Ellaroo Mei Tai-not my favorite
*Platex Hip Hammock-hard on my shoulder, didn’t like it
*Peanut Shell pouch sling-also not a fav for my body type
*Custom Ring Sling-absolutely in love with it for about 10 different reasons
*Ergo Baby Carrier-love it, second only to the ring sling now

See, only seven-that is quite reasonable for any attachment parenting believer and mother of four small children!

Julie Huebner

I vote for the ring sling too! Actually, they are so easy to make! I love the versatility of them! Audrey is so cute! She looks like a real joy!