A sweet treat that is good for you!

After eating too many treats in Hawaii then coming home and starting holiday baking…the sugar intake was higher than normal around here for sure.  I didn’t have the energy to put any thought into cooking or anything, just been trying to make it through each day.  But we’ve been sans sugar since Sunday, in great need of a detox, and I found a fun looking recipe to try for a treat.  It turned out better than expected and will help us all not feel deprived!

Rich Carob Balls (from Stephanie at Keeper of the Home)

3/4 cup peanut butter (organic, unsweetened)
3/4 cup carob powder (you could substitute cocoa powder-that’s what I did)
1 Tbsp. raw honey (I ended up using closer to 2)
1/2 cup raisins (or some dates, or dried apricots, although raisins worked really nicely)
1/2 cup favorite chopped nuts and seeds (I used 1/2 almonds, 1/4 pumpkin seeds, 1/4 walnuts)

Process nuts and seeds and raisins in food processor till fairly small.  Add rest of ingredients till a big chocolate ball forms.   Roll into little balls.  Roll some into raw flaked coconut if you like!  Store in fridge or freezer.  The boys loved making these and loved eating them even more it took about 10 minutes start to finish (since both boys are crazy about ball-rolling!).  And I feel happy that we have something healthy and special to snack on this weekend before Christmas.  Its a win-win 🙂



They were very good. In fact, they remind me of those tasty morsels we got in Kona on the way back from Hanaunau.


You can bet these have a LOT less sugar than those delicious donkey balls in Kona 🙂


Oh, yum!!! Can’t wait to try! I’ve been wanting to make some healthier treats, thanks!


Love it! Will totally try these…I bet this Mama can even sneak a couple and be okay! Hooray!


Yes, I made them yesterday so we’d have a very low sugar option for my diabetic Grandma who’s joining us for gingerbread house making tonight. And I made sure they got rolled tiny so I could sneak one or two during the day and not feel the spike in blood sugar that I am sure you are likely more sensitive to than me at this point!