A sick mama

After 9 days of battling a bladder infection (and finishing a full round of antibiotics!), two nights ago I found myself in unbearable pain, even prescription narcotics weren’t touching it.  So early yesterday morning I called my mom crying and she took me in to the ER.  At 31 years old, there is still something very soothing and wonderful about your mom taking care of you.

Long story short I have a kidney infection.  Truly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick in my life.  Maybe mastitis after Caleb’s birth but doubtful?  Definitely this was worse than natural childbirth.  It took three different doses of IV pain meds to get my body to calm down.  Chris graciously took the day off work and cared for the kids and cleaned the house.  My mom got me medicine and brought a few groceries to get us through.  My sister brought dinner and took Audrey for the morning.

I could scarcely get from the bed to the bathroom yesterday.  Hoping for a bit better day today…my kidneys are throbbing in my back still.  So strange, having two daughters with unrelated kidney issues to have yet another kidney ‘thing’ come up.  Back to bed, just wanted to fill you in.

This picture was at the end of the day, the kids are worried, they’ve never seen their mama like this.  So I welcomed them all for a movie before I slept again.



Hope you’re getting some rest today. Todd made the comment yesterday, “those Strovas girls and their kidneys!”


I hope you start feeling better soon! Glad I was able to help you out today!


Praying you’re on the mend my sweet sister. Love you tons.


My, you look more out of it than I’ve seen you. Praying you get well quickly. Its so not like you to sit around. 🙂


I am so sorry!!!! Let me know if we can help in anyway