A one-wake-up night

He’s almost one year old our little man.  Two weeks from today actually.

And last night was the very first time he only got up once at night since the day he was born.  I would like to say that no, I do not feel magically rested and renewed after ONE good night. I would also like to say that having five children does not, apparently, make me a sleep expert for babies.  I was mistaken in expecting that.

However, it must be made known that I relished the gift of sleep.

Waking up without burning tired eyes.

No looking at my cell phone to find that it was only 3 AM and WHY was I awake for the third time.

Getting dressed and together BEFORE kids woke up….if you only knew how many dozens and dozens of mornings I wake up to a smiling child face right next to my sleeping one and the never-changing question – “What’s for breakfast mom?”.

I actually can’t tell you the last time I made breakfast in CLOTHES – oh the delight!  I silently thanked my blender for making such awesome waffle mix for me and poured myself a perfectly made cup of french press coffee.  No Keurig laziness for me today, no way, not after only one wake-up.

My chipper, awake self practically bubbled over as my husband found me hustling about happily in the kitchen offering him waffles.  I informed him that this is the “one-wake-up mommy” and wasn’t it wonderful?!?

After Finn went down for a nap, I read three, yes three Beatrix Potter stories WITHOUT falling asleep.  I realize how ridiculous this sounds.  But really, try going a year on this much little sleep and then come talk to me about reading out loud for an hour!

I’ll spare everyone any more capitalized words but I just had to share.  Maybe I’ll make it back to the blog-world after all…



Yay, so glad you got some good sleep! Praying he keeps it up, little stinker.


It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed all the pictures and the fun things you guys been up too! This particular post brings a smile — I totally get the the sleep thing!