A normal night (and Not Me Monday too!)

Around here, this is becoming a tad bit too normal:

10:30 PM – Go to sleep after praying over husband who either has food poisoning from our date night or the flu-either way he feels awful!

12:05 AM – Awake to Audrey crying, feed her, try to lay her down but end up walking her to sleep for 30 minutes

1:15 AM – Awake to Kyler staring me in the face (just having fallen back to sleep myself), thinking he should get up for the day, looking for his blankie, try to put him back in bed but he cries for 10 minutes and wakes up Caleb sleeping above him in the bunk bed.  Get both boys back to sleep.

1:50 AM – Awake to Audrey again, feed her.  Try to lay her back down, she cries every time she’s put down (I’m thinking maybe her other ear drum is rupturing).  Walk her a while, still cries.  Lay her down because I literally feel my arms letting go of her.

2:15 AM – Christopher hears her crying in her bed, gets up, walks her, puts her back in bed.  She sleeps 4 minutes, cries again.  I fumble around looking for tylenol.  Give her tylenol.  Feed her again.  Walk her to sleep for 20 minutes.

It’s 3:45, finally go to sleep again.

4:15 AM – Kyler again, quietly staring at my face.  Lost his blanket behind the bunk bed.  Find it, put him back to sleep.

6:30 AM – Audrey up, feed her, lay her back down.  She stays asleep.  So excited.

7:05 AM – All three other kids up for the day.

I realize no one really cares what my sleep schedule is like.  I just need to have it documented here what I lived through so one day when I forget, I can remember.

I was all set to participate in MckMama’s wonderfully theraputic Not Me Monday but given the wonderful night here….this is all I can muster.

I did not survive nearly every night this week with an average of four hours of sleep.

I did not pathetically try to wrap our second born’s casted foot in a ton of  garbage bags in order to ease the grave sadness when he realized he could not ride his bike, fly down the street on his scooter or use the foot powered play car.  A broken foot is still a broken foot after all.

I did not get super excited to find my favorite pair of jeans on sale for $9, buy them then bring them home to try them on only to find that they my old pair has stretched with me and the new crisp ones were a long ways from fitting.  I also did not tell my husband-who kindly said to go back and get the next size because it was after all “such a great deal honey”-that I would rather have no jeans at all then to go back and do that.  Nope, those post baby pounds are just falling off, it has been almost 9 months now after all!

I did not  pack all my kids in the car, drive to McDonald’s, feed them *horror* fast food just so I wouldn’t have lunch dishes to do and could have them contained for 30 minutes and I was certainly not  considerably sleep deprived at the time.

I did not listen to my daughter distinguish between me and my mom with her eyes closed, ever so sweetly saying that I was more squishy and soft.  No doubt about that.

I did not cry a few more tears still as we adjust to a very different new schedule/life that doesn’t involve the flexibility or consistency of church pastoring but that does involve my husband working very hard for very long days.

I did not utter “screw grace” one pleasant morning when struggling to apply the principle to my parenting with less than pleasant children.

I did not get all the fun things d0ne that I’d hoped as we muddled through a week with a newly casted 4 year old, a getting-six-year-molars-and-it-hurts 5 year old, a still snotty needing mommy all the time 2 year old and a baby who was sicker than I knew and ruptured an ear drum Friday after a nearly 8 hour solid stretch of screaming.  Really, I did not.

I did however, live to see another week and caught surprising chances to love despite my condition.  For that I am utterly thankful and truly in love with my hard working husband, my not perfect but one in a million babes  and the God who somehow carries me through days like this one.



Oh Karissa I hope you can get some sleep tonight even though you are just starting your day. I will be praying for you today.
Miss you all!


I am crying for you while laughing OUT LOUD at your “screw grace” comment! Is this what parenting is?! Laughter through the tears?!


I for one read every bit of your schedule and enjoyed it. I would have NEVER known you got so little sleep today! You really suck it up well. I am sorry your night was so rough, and sorry that I know a bit what it was like. Praying you get sleep soon so your body can rest.


I am so sorry you haven’t been getting much sleep!! I will praying that things get better 🙂


Comforting to know that I too, am not the only sleep deprived momma. Our little one has been sleeping so horrible the last two weeks and last night he was up every hour! I too, did not say, ‘screw grace’ 😉

Kudos to you for finding grace despite it all. Wishing you a goodnights sleep.


Man… I’ve thought a few of my days/nights were rough over the last week or two, and now you’ve given me some crazy perspective! I so do not have as difficult a task as I usually think I do. You guys get some serious props from us. Thanks for being real.