A new pair of socks


If you are anything like me, you gladly skip the pre-wash on the new package of socks and immediately throw on a pair.  In fact, I enjoy getting new socks for Christmas because who wouldn’t want to walk around in new socks on Christmas Day?  I even have a friend who wants to be financially secure enough in life to one day never have to wear the same sock twice!  I won’t rat you out here, but you know who you are…

New socks are great, and I am hoping that this new job I start Monday morning sharp, will be as enjoyable.  For those of you who have not heard, I did finally land a job.  Thank you for your prayers.  God has provided a great opportunity for me in the insulation business.  You are reading the words of the newest sales rep for Clean Crawls.  These guys are the best insulation removal and re-installers in the Northwest.  They have been in the business longer than any other company around and take pride in their service, product, and quality.  And now for the shameless plug – If you need any work done in your attic, crawlspace, or added insulation in your walls (or know someone who does) AND you live anywhere up and down the I-5 corridor in WA, give me a call.  Now is a great time to make your home energy efficient.  Getting in crawlspaces and attics is now my full time job, so I can come by and give you an estimate.  I am about to get friendly with all the lovelies that live under our houses!  So far, I have heard stories of sales reps encountering rats, mice, cats, raccoons, and even an otter.  Needless to say, a large maglite will be standard issue!  

I am looking forward to this new season of life.  I just concluded 10 years of ministry at Northshore Baptist Church in Bothell, and am very grateful for the experience.  Karissa and I got married there, dedicated our babies there, and spent ten years loving and serving the families there.  I learned so much about God, myself, marriage, fatherhood, ministry, and the list goes on.  For all of that, I am grateful.  However, I am totally ready for the next ten!  I am praying that in the next ten I will continue to learn more about all of the aforementioned things, and then some.  Oh, and just so you know, pastoral ministry is not going to stop with me no longer being employed by Northshore…but more on this later.  This next season of life is upon us and it starts in about 10.5 hours.  Here’s to tomorrow feeling like a new pair of socks!



I decided that the day I knew I was an adult was when I realized that, if I got socks for Christmas, I’d actually be pretty pleased.


Congrats on the Job Chris! And I hope your first day goes well!


Praying for you today. I am amazed by your perseverance. I love you.


Raising a glass to you…and your maglite 🙂


Can’t wait to hear if it was as good (or better) as a new pair of socks! When we moved into my sister-in-laws house in June, I put all my wool socks in storage, thinking we’d have our own place before winter. Alas, we are still here and my feet are always freezing – can’t wait to find my old socks – they will be like new to me!