A miracle, every time

#380 – #404 on my gratitude list this week from a heart overflowing with thankfulness…

an intense 3 hour labor 5 days before my due date

blood pressure stabilized enough to deliver at home as hoped for

laboring at the kitchen counter with precious little distractions hovering around me

two amazing midwives and the unique care they bring

a sweet 8 year old daughter rubbing my back between pushes whispering “Good job mama, you’re doing good”

a husband brave enough to help catch the baby

the miracle moment that is just as amazing every single time it happens….when a new baby is placed into your arms

hearing “its a BOY!”

seeing rolls of skin all over said boy

hearing “10 pounds 11 ounces” and gasping in shock

snuggling in bed minutes after he is born with curious siblings all over

tucking excited, tired kids into cozy beds on a cold, snowy evening

the quiet after midwives and family are gone and we are left with a new son in our arms

realizing how much such a big baby needs to eat

holding hands under the sheets and snuggling closer relishing what just took place



the smell of a newborn

instantly and forever glad we said yes to one more

quiet prayers of gratitude whispered in the dark

pondering names and knowing the ones

Phineas (first name) – a man of the Old Testament, who stood for righteousness and was “zealous for the honor of his God”

Jon (middle name) – a man of today, my father, who also stands for God’s righteousness and honor

family and friends that greatly lift the load, watch children, run errands and fill in the holes while we adjust to ‘new normal’

treasuring each moment, ever so aware that this season is short lived and I won’t get it back



So happy for all of you! SO in awe of you! Amazed that you could labor with your family around and very happy that you could because what a joyful moment!


what a wonderful list…and a wonderful birth.so proud of you my friend


I just had one minute to peek and oh my! He is so adorable I want to kiss his precious face! Your post has me in tears. Praying for you.


Tuesday is still a good day to read thankful lists. So I clicked over from Ann’s link today.

First, your pictures – awesome. The miracle – I guess we’ll give God the credit for that.

And my favorite from the list was .. treasuring each moment, ever so aware that this season is short lived and I won’t get it back (that is wisdom – I’m reminded of Mary
pondering” things in her heart)

Your words today made my day better.

Thank you


Beautiful. Baby and post!


Well, now, I feel like I stood with the angels, silent, and watched the whole miracle of God’s little creation coming to your home! This was just so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with me —- with the whole world —- your new little one. Bless you!!!

[…] We all sat on my bed together and soaked it all in.  It was the experience I had dreamed of but it still seemed very surreal.  It was bedtime so my mom and dad helped get kids in bed and we settled in for the night. We marveled together as we watched him sleep and counted ourselves tremendously blessed. […]