A long anticipated gift!

After hearing quite the ruckus out in the chicken pen, I went out to check on the ladies.  After rounding up one escapee who had flown the fence in search of all my growing veggies, I peeked inside the nesting box just to see if anything was there.  And lo and behold, there was!  There was quite the buzz of excitement around here, each kid got dibs on who they got to call and tell the news to.  Caleb told Auntie “We growed some eggs from our Blacky!”  So in the course of 10 minutes, the eggs went from this:

august 2009 240

to this

august 2009 242

and this

august 2009 243

to, sadly, this.

august 2009 244

We can hardly wait for more.

They were so delicious and it felt so amazing to have raised these chickens from babies and now to be eating their eggs!



Yay, yay, yay! I’m stalking our nesting boxes too…today was the first day we got TWO instead of one…can’t wait until they are ALL producing!




Yum, can’t wait to try some!!!


So fun!


sweet! beautiful looking egg too!!


Oh my – YUMMMMM!! Elise and I have started sharing a plate of scrambled eggs almost every morning as she is the only child of mine who shares this like. Caleb most certainly looks as if those very fresh eggs are the best!