A little seedling


When Pastor Jonathan,  prayed for Karissa and I on our last day at Northshore, he used an image of a seedling to describe the church that we feel God has called us to plant. In church planting lingo, the seedling image is often used. I actually like the imagery because I believe it accurately reflects the initial startup of an organic church. Our hope and prayer is that this little seedling that we lovingly refer to as Sojourn, will not just grow into any old tree, but that will be “planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” – Jeremiah 17:8. This has become one of my prayers for our little church. Feel free to join with me in this prayer.

Karissa and I are praying for a lead team of about 20 adults. We are asking God to reveal to us people who are feeling called by God to be a part of a missional church. Missional is one of those words that gets tossed around a lot in “churchese”, but for me it means a group of people gathering together in an organic way to actively express the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word, deed, and power (Matt. 9:35). For our little seedling this will look like meeting together as a large gathering twice a month for corporate prayer, worship, teaching, and a meal. The other two weeks will be spent in smaller communities we will call missional communities. COMMUNITIES – because the church will be made up of a collection of communities that will each have 10-15 adults plus kids. These communities will each have a community pastor and will have “church” together every other week in someone’s home. This will be the place where people will know others and where they will be known by others. These communities will be the heartbeat of the church. Whether the whole church is gathered or scattered, we are the church. MISSIONAL – because each community will adopt a mission, something that they can regularly do to bless their local community through the Word, deed, and power. For instance, if a group is located in Bothell, they may adopt the mission of taking care of the widows in their community. This might be yard care, housework, carpools, shopping, praying for, hospital visits, and more for the widows in their neighborhood.

As we get closer to planting this seedling, we will keep you all informed not only so you could pray for us, but also because you might want to join us in this adventure we are embarking upon. By the way, we came to the name Sojourn primarily because of the two definitions: 1. a temporary dwelling place, 2. a journey. We felt both of these definitions describe uniquely what it is like to follow Jesus. If you are wanting to know more about Sojourn, let Karissa and I know. There are many ways you can partner with us in this venture. Soon, we will be releasing a prayer letter of sorts to not only let people know about what we feel God is leading us in, but also to build a team of people committed to praying for Sojourn. If you know of someone looking for a community of followers of Jesus who would be interested in something like this, send them our way. Thanks so much for your prayers as we step out in faith.




Love the picture you painted of what your seedling will start to look like! Very exciting. (By the way, its nice that you include a photo – makes the articles much more appealing to read for me.)


Very cool. Although, I am still not ready to go back to any kind of church, I could see myself in the kind of church you described. Love you guys.


Wow you guys, we are so thrilled to hear about what God is putting on your hearts in regards to the future. It’s exciting to see how God is raising up more and more people who are more drawn to the idea of just sharing our lives with one another, and how Jesus is the center of it all, rather than it being about a big production. We’d love to be kept in the loop on how things progress for you, and will be praying about how God might have us be connected with you and the communities that He has you be a part of. We’ve been learning that it’s easy to get too caught up in discussing the fine points of how a church should function, but lately God has brought us back to the very same theme of your post here, life! In the end, what we should be concerned with is that there is life, real life in Christ, and then let God work out the details! We know that we have things to learn from God through you and your journey, and look forward to that happpening.

Humbly, your brother and sister, Daniel & Heather


@D&H – thank you guys for thoughts and encouragement. We know you guys have thought long about the church. I hope we have the opportunity to talk more.