A Little Olympic Fever

So Caleb and I were watching a bit of the Olympics tonight and after watching some of the Chinese gymnasts on the uneven bars, Caleb says “Dad, can you do that?”  Of course I said, “no way.”  Then he says “wow, I think you have to be superman to do that!”  Immediately following that routine, NBC goes to commerical break and there is this interesting Bud Light commercial involving a woman drinking a Bud Light that now comes with “x-ray vision”.  WIth this ability she is able to see the muscular construction worker as if he was not wearing a shirt.  Then a rotund fella walks in front of the muscular guy and of course the woman sees more of him than she bargained for.  Caleb says “Dad, why are those guys not wearing clothes?  They’re not being respectable”  As I was happy to see the commercial come to a close, we were then greeted with an ad involving hundreds of sumo wrestlers.  Thinking I was going to get a similar comment from Caleb he said nothing until they all left the ground and gracefully began to fly.  “How are those guys flying Daddy?”  By the way, watching hundreds of sumo wrestlers (in your typical sumo garb) taking flight is quite entertaining.  Two more reasons to limit our kiddos TV watching to shows like Curious George.