A great father…

…lives here.

He works hard.
He maintains balance.
He holds to his priorities.
He puts family before fun.
He lets family BE the fun.
He is responsible.
He wrestles and tickles for hours.
He gives the best bedtime snuggles.
He is self-sacrificing.
He has integrity.
He loves well the mother of his children.
He has the best smile.
He is flexible and spontaneous.
He is strong.
He perseveres.
He is teachable.
He is quick to forgive.
He loves Jesus.

He is the hero in this place…..not just to all ourĀ  littles, but to me too.



And to me – I have never felt more proud of him on Fathers Day than I do this year. We are blessed to have him as our son in love as Colleen R says.


I’m gonna strongly second what Mom said. I am amazed by him.