A great adventure by the numbers


I’ve been away.  Pretty sure no words can describe what the last week looked like but I’ll do my best.  I have a good friend who is like a sister to me whose husband is working in another state at the moment so she is home with her kids in a place that isn’t ‘home’ to her.  After an impulse purchase of plane tickets, we were off to Arizona while Daddy stayed here to work.  Hoping to bless my friend and make her time alone a little brighter we ventured out on my very boldest mothering adventure thus far….

2          brave mothers whose friendship currently spans several states

7          (combined) children ages 18 months to 6 years

8          days together with no husbands, babysitters or…any other source of respite

1          roof for all to sleep under

1          three hour plane ride by myself with four children

4          sweet children who traveled (mostly) very well

1          ten minute window that I am trying to block from my memory when I found out my friend had car trouble, was sending a shuttle instead to pick us all up at the airport and waited on a little concrete island with cars passing on both sides while changing a blowout poopy diaper on a slippery metal bench while trying to keep track of 3 other kids, 4 car seats, 4 back packs, 1 ginormous suitcase and 1 double stroller

    2          days spent in and around the house before the car was fixed and we could get out

    15        sword/light saber/fishing pole/stick battles that ensued in the sunny backyard

    15        times we had to remind them that all weapons must remain out of the house

    40        books read aloud (many by Rylee to her little friend Elise)

    21        shared meals with kids ages 1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 5 and 6

    21        times I was thankful my friend had done all the grocery shopping and meal planning before we got there

    10        hours spent building legos together

    20        times said legos had to be defended from those who wanted to destroy lego creation

    1          trip to the zoo in 90 degree heat stressing the whole time about not losing kids in the craziness of it all….only   learning AFTER we left that we went on a HOLIDAY

    300      pictures taken

    24        or more…times I was glad we’d come

    12        times we tried to talk to our husbands on the phone only to be interrupted by the sheer volume of so many little people in one place

    18        eggs eaten by my husband who doesn’t cook who did his best to feed himself while we were gone

    4          boys using the same toilet for 8 days

    2          boys who peed into the pool

    14        loads through the dishwasher

    2          late night movies enjoyed by

    2          tired mamas who savored

    2          bottles of very good wine along with

    2          cartons of Haggen Daz

    3          nights up with Audrey for hours letting her play at 3 AM hoping not to wake the 6 other children

    3          hours of sleep the night before we flew home

    3          hours up with Audrey the night before we flew home

    3          screaming, thrashing fits from Audrey on the plane ride home

    2          leaky diapers I had to change on the airplane

    2          blue pen marks on my face, trying to keep Audrey happy

    8          people on the plane who had to tell me about the pen on my cheek

    1          husband who was smart gracious enough to kiss me anyway and not say a word about the pen on my face

    13        times I wondered how we would make it

    1          enormous smile when we saw Daddy waiting for us at the airport

    4          so happy children to wrap themselves around their dad

    1          sleepy ride home

    1          pile of dirty clothes

    30        blissful seconds slow dancing in the living room with children swirling around our ankles….so happy to be home



    Whoah. That’s a little crazy!! So glad you guys were able to go. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

    grammy strovas

    You survived (gloriously overcome) numerous bumps in one wonderful advenure always to be treassured and never forgotten that eight precious people enjoyed as recounted to Grampy by one delightful perspective of the six year old.


    I wish I could have sent another bottle of that very good wine with you for your plane flight!! I’m still amazed and so very very blessed you all came.