A father who loves well

#160 – exhilaration from doing some terrifying and loving it

#161 – being around awesome women and hoping they rub off

#162 – how it feels to have my dad take me out for breakfast

#163 – delight in being someone’s little girl-still-despite the fact I’m 32

#164 – watching his eyes well up when he tells me he’s proud of who I’ve become

#165 – heart-held truth that for every girl who doesn’t have a dad like mine, God can fill every hole and heal every wound

#166 – little boy fingers that still look like sausages

#167 – letting go of everyone else’s take on “what to do about______” and following my heart

#168 – sun tan lines

#169 – a healthy first trimester

#170 – having the same best friend for 20 years

#171 – slip and slides

#172 – hindsight

#173 – new friends

#174 – watching my husband smile

#175 – sharing pieces of my past that help someone make sense of their present

#176 – early bedtimes

#177 – learning oh-so-slowly to be happy in my own shoes

#178 – books that point my heart to Jesus

#179 – getting what I longed for without asking for it

#180 – receiving grace

#181 – unexpected presents



Those are awesome pics. Had I not been 6 weeks post surgery, I would have loved to take a ride with everyone else! 🙂 Don’t think my body is up for that yet. Love you guys so much. Your family brings joy to ours EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Jon Sween

Bummer we missed out. Love you all so much. That Christopher guy is looking pretty muscular. Not going to mess with him.


Awesome post…being around awesome women and hoping they rub off..i love that one!!!!


awesome post…being around awesome women and hoping they rub off…i love that one!!!


Love, love, love this post. Couldn’t agree with you more about our amazing dad. We are very lucky girls.


Love you the smoochiest! Thanks again for the date this week, it was such a great time! Favorite list ever.