A day in the life of Liberty

Just because I don’t want to forget…

You were just a few weeks old when we headed to the pumpkin patch with our cousins like we have every year for how many years now?  Maybe eight?  You won’t remember this trip though, all bundled in the pack with your daddy the whole time except when we needed a picture with your tiny face in it:

fall 2013 052
fall 2013 031
fall 2013 035

You were almost four weeks old when we hosted our first tea, you slept in the arms of friends whose days with babies are long past and they love you more than I expected and it blesses me in deep places.  My heart goal to embrace the feminine and affirm all that is lovely in a world where gender identity is a waning concept.  Someday I’ll host these teas and you’ll have a place at the table too.

fall 2013 014

Your sisters’ voice has to be the one you know only second to my own.  She scoops you up and loves on you all day long.  I am so glad I am the one who has to feed you because otherwise I’m quite sure I’d not get to hold enough, there is always someone who wants to love on you.

fall 2013 006

You are even happy to entertain our three (gorgeous!) cousins who were all here for the holiday and the college-student-friend-of-my-cousin who we happily incorporated into our family gathering for Thanksgiving…

fall 2013 166
fall 2013 147

But it did tire you out and your daddy held you like he holds all our babies:

fall 2013 177

Your brothers think you are beautiful.  You are.

fall 2013 190

And out of the three of them, Kyler loves you the most by far.  He loves to read to you and sit with you and talk to you and tell you how cute you are.

fall 2013 146
fall 2013 137
fall 2013 081

I realized while posting this that there are virtually no pictures of you alone, I could apologize for that but I won’t.  You are always within arms reach of someone who loves you.

fall 2013 139
fall 2013 072
fall 2013 104
fall 2013 069

And now you are almost four months old and you sit in the Bumbo to watch the happenings here!

liberty - 4 months

You are treasured and loved sweet one – so thankful for your presence in this family!






Love the purple bumbo! 😉

Miss you all!


Love that sweet little face in the last pic (and in all of them!).


Love that baby girl so so much. I don’t even recognize her in the last pic! She’s getting so big! Waaaah!