A birthday…in numbers

36 years old today, my dear friend who lives north of us

18 hours notice that we’d be coming for an unplanned birthday visit today

Time it took her to say yes to me inviting myself over? 5 seconds

12 extra outfits packed in the van for our outing

2 full bags of food

1 hour earlier leaving than planned thanks to very excited children

84.85 miles north in the bright and non-rainy early morning

30 seconds to get out of van and disappear with friends into the bushes

Times Finn got caught wielding sticks or tools improperly? 3

Times Finn knocked over the elliptical exercise machine? 1

Times Finn climbed onto the roof and invited 2 year old Henry to join him? 1

Kids shrieking loudly that Finn was on said roof? 7

Times Finn knocked on the glass front door with a large hammer? 1

Precious Legos destroyed by stealth sneaky Finn? too many to count

9 poopy diapers (1 on the trampoline)

1 bathroom

13 children

2 mamas

Zero potty accidents

Unknown number of boys who used the woods instead of the bathroom

Frogs who survived being stepped on by mom? 1

Goldfish crackers on the floor during snack time? about 35

Culprit? 5 year old Ari – he blamed it on “some kind of explosion”

Kids found eating bagels, playing playmobil cars in the (one) bathroom? 3

Chickens who sat at the door wanting to come inside? 4

8 kids maximum on the trampoline at a time

3 kids minimum on the trampoline at a time

25 minutes of baby Liberty nap time ALL day

Times the sleeping baby on the chair got sat on (and stayed asleep)?  3!

13 pieces of muddy clothing ready to go straight into the washer at home

0 conversations all the drive home

5 kids asleep in the dark

1 white-knuckled mama driving carefully in torrential downpour for 84.85 miles

Years we’ve been friends? 25

1 grateful heart for someone like her to share the journey with






oh LOVE all those numbers! 🙂 I confess: The line about the goldfish crackers made me burst out laughing!!


I’m so glad you got to hang out on such a special day. It makes my heart glad. Someone is giving me eight hens and a rooster – in thinking of numbers… I’ll let you know how it goes.