A bigger bed for Charlie Brown

I realize you saw a similar picture of my bed last week

and that the photo quality is fairly lacking

but just so you know we’re still here…

After spending half the day in bed (a consequence of doing more than I should and being ultra-annoyed at this painfully long recovery), the whole family snuggled in for an after dinner viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  I think we might need a bigger bed if we plan to:

A)  Have any more children


B)  Watch more movies in bed like this 🙂


C)  Let our children grow bigger (which they seem to every day!)

We were surprised how much we’d forgotten about the old movie, they are so mean to Charlie Brown.  The called him names the whole movie, names we don’t even allow in our home!  Name calling aside however, it was a sweet trip back to the old days of simple animation.  We all enjoyed watching as the slightly funny looking little people figured out what the “real meaning of Christmas” was.

And speaking of the real meaning of Christmas, our whole family was a part of a live nativity last night and though my pictures didn’t turn out great, the evening was a smashing success.  Since quitting my job as a case worker for a local non-profit, Step by Step Family Support Center, I have still kept my foot in the door volunteering when I can.  For this organization, one of the year’s highlights is putting on a Christmas Party for the low income clients they serve year around.  I promise post tomorrow about our evening and share pictures of our little shepherds and angels and proof that my husband makes a great shepherd!



Like Christopher’s do. 🙂 Such a cute picture. We decided right before the birth of our second that we couldn’t possibly do without a King-size (of course we are a co-sleeping family!) bed. It has been one of the best purchases ever. Cuddle time in the morning is usually on our bed with everyone! Now I’d like a laptop so I can watch a movie on it… Can’t wait to see the photos from last night.


I worked hard to get that “do”! 🙂 Buy a portable DVD player like we did, it’s great for movies in bed. With the 9″ screen, everyone has to snuggle in close! Fun times.


I totally noticed C’s hair, too!! It’s pretty sweet. Love the pic of the whole fam all snuggled up! Can’t wait to see your pics from last night! It was SO fun!!!!