A beating heart

#182 – hearing a baby heartbeat for the first time…still an utter miracle, even though it’s our fifth

#183 – the mess that comes from having too much fun for weeks on end

#184 – energy to reclaim the home and conquer said mess

#185 – new ideas

#186 – getting ready for starting school

#187 – time alone in the quiet before anyone is awake

#188 – my new laminator, how did I live without one?!

#189 – a daughter who sets the table just like her mama

#190 –  a date with the one I love

#191 – time to look at his face and love him just a little bit more



Clicking over from A Holy Experience…

Such a lovely list! What a sweet gift, hearing your baby’s heartbeat. Blessings to you and your family!

Have a wonderful day!