8 years ago

Born 5 weeks before her March due date, Rylee Jeanne made us parents for the first time 8 years ago on Wednesday.  She is a treasure of a girl and we are completely blessed that she is the oldest of our brood.  Tonight she wrote me a note and brought it to me while I read to her little sis on the couch:

To mom.  Thank you for teaching me to reed.  I love you so so so so much.  Love Rylee.

She told me this was the ‘whole earth’….and in the middle is mama.

It’d been an extra long, extra rough day and granted, I am 9 months pregnant.  But I started to cry and was reminded afresh one of the things I love most about Rylee.  Her heart is so tender.  She loves people so well.  She may not have spelling all down or punctuation and she may throw some sassiness my way a bit often.  But she is an incredible love-giver.  And that is for certain what I most love watching play out in her little life.



That must have melted your heart!! Precious.

Jon Sween

Rylee is a delight as are the rest of those precious kids.