7 year old smarts

As we were getting ready for a quick lunch picnic after morning school work, Audrey came barreling into the kitchen screaming and holding her eye.  She was holding a bottle of bug spray and trying to tell me through sobbing that she sprayed it at herself.  I picked her up and got a washcloth and Rylee grabbed the bottle.

“Don’t worry mom, it’s organic!”  she said delightfully, as if that would surely stop the hysterical tears.

I kept washing the eye out and she kept reading “Non toxic, safe for the entire family, all natural” she stated over the noise.

It took quite a while to recover and poor Audrey’s little eye was red and watery for a long time.  But I did have to laugh inside.  I can see a new catch phrase in our home developing….



Ouch, that had to hurt. Sweet Rylee! Now, when the kids want to do something they can just tell you its non toxic and safe! Remember those toaster pastries we used to split? Well I just bought a box for just me. Not a good idea, been eating way too many. But when Aidan asked for one last night he said, “Can I have one of those sugar sticks?” (I thought of this because, after all, they are organic. I guess its OK to have them for lunch then.)


Ah yes, sure love those toaster pastries, they are such a good treat. I didn’t realize they were dairy-free…for all you’ve given up, I am pretty sure you deserve the ORGANIC toaster pastries 🙂


Thank you! I was SO excited when I read the ingredients and so no dairy.


So funny. Izy has been asking me lately, “who you texting mama?” Our kids are certainly growing up in a different era than us. I didn’t know what organic was until I was like 25!


Goodness, they certainly are! That is so cute!