Just Heard Thursday – barely there edition


It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:

Okay, so we barely made it on Thursday and we barely have any quotes, but they are good ones I think.  At least they made me laugh!  So here goes:

Heard at the table:

Caleb:  “Hey Rylee, when I need to toot, this is what I do.  I lift up my legs off the chair and let it go free.  I like to let my toots go free.”


Rylee:  (while gardening with her mama in the back) “Mama, I love to garden with you.  I just love gardening so much.  Look out Kyler, I am using my utensil to work the soil.”

Mama:  “I love two things about that.  I love that you love to garden.  And I love that you say ‘utensil’ and ‘soil'”


A conversation while Caleb is in the tub:

Caleb:  “Hey Dad.”

Daddy:  (halting my walk down the hallway) “Yes?”

Caleb:  “Look right here.” (pointing down toward his lap…making me a bit nervous as to what kind of conversation we were about to have)

Daddy: “What?”

Caleb:  “Check this out.  Look right here (pointing again).”

Caleb:  “Did you see that!” (he exclaims immediately following a toot that he did on command creating a bubble that came up right where he was pointing).

Daddy: “Whoa…that is soo cool.  Nice one.”

Mama:  “Wow…farting on command at such a young age.”

Daddy:  “Yet another proud moment in our house!”


What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog (you can even use our logo if you link back here).

Happy Thursday!

Not quite to Lake 22

What a great way to spend Sunday morning!  We woke up and began to get ready for the adventure of the week – a hike with the Jorgenson’s to Lake 22.  Unfortunately the night before, Audrey and Kyler came down with the flu so Karissa and the sick ones needed to take it easy and stay home.  Thanks to Mama for letting the three of us head out on what proved to be quite the adventure.

We got to the trail head just after ten and were the 2nd and 3rd cars to arrive, so we basically had the place to ourselves on the way up.  Caleb and Rylee were real troopers as we set out on a fairly steep trail looking to gain 1300ft or so on our way up 2.7 miles to the lake.  We started off with a brisk  pace as each of the kids were eager to go hiking.  Once the trail got a bit steeper, the pace slowed up a bit, but still moving quite well.  Instead of stopping for breaks, the kids munched on snacks lovingly prepared by their mama and sipping on water that Daddy carried for them.  Without any backpacks, they were moving along quite well.  We got to a bridge that overlooked a cool waterfall and stopped for some photo ops. All the while Isaac was doing great as Todd carried him in the ergo backpack.

We continued on our way and shortly found ourselves navigating some snow on the trail.  The kids loved it, and Maggie even preferred the snow to the previous loose rock.  With snow, followed by loose jagged rock, followed by more snow, and an increasingly steep grade, the trail began to get a bit treacherous.  Somewhere along the lines Isaac got a bit fussy, but all he needed was to be in the ergo with his mama so he could play with her hair.  I didn’t get a picture of it, but it was pretty cute watching a little hand sneak up from the depths of the ergo to grab his mama’s hair.  We finally reached a place that not only was a good stopping place for lunch with a great view, but it really was about as far as the little ones could go.  I figured we went just over 2 miles on the trail…pretty close to the top, but still had some killer views of the surrounding Creation!

Lunch was interesting.  Caleb decided that his tummy was not feeling well (he was the first one to go down with the flu, but he had been feeling better up until this moment) so he chose not to eat his sandwich and only picked out the cheese.  Karissa had made amazing sandwiches with pickles, cheese, mayo, mustard, pepper, turkey, and other yummies.  The other fun part of our break was when Maggie decided to lay down on her back to cool off and began to slide down the hill.  She went about 12 feet gaining pretty good speed before she realized what was happening and began to dig in with her claws to arrest her fall.  She has her own built in set of ice axes which is pretty cool.  She promptly came back up the hill only to do it a few more times while Rylee and Caleb giggled almost uncontrollably.

All in all it was a great time on the trail.  I can’t wait to go next weekend if possible, this time with the whole family.  There are plenty of great trails off the mountain loop highway up past Granite Falls if you are interested.  Enjoy the pictures below for a taste of our adventure.

Just Heard Thursday – Vomit edition

Not for the faint of heart, be warned.  And I don’t know how to upload my husband’s nifty little logo so you’ll have to live without that today.  Really, this is more of a synopsis that our usual list of ‘heard’ quotes from our entertaining little people…a couple nights ago, I was just getting in bed, Caleb had been asleep a long time and I thought Kyler had finally gone to sleep for the night and I heard this:

Kyler: “Caleb, (s)top doin’ dat to me.  CALEB, top it, top doin’ dat me now!!”

Me (running into the dark room):  “What’s wrong?  What’s going on? (I notice Caleb is sitting up) Caleb sweetie, why are you sitting up?  What did you do to Kyler?  He was almost asleep! Are you okay?”

Caleb: “I’m fine, I’m okay.”

A familiar smell wafts my direction and I quickly figure out he is not at all fine.  I climb up to his top bunk just in time for him to projectile vomit nearly in my lap all over his bed.  I now use my super sharp reasoning skills and determine that what Kyler was referring to a moment before was more like ‘something warm and wet is coming down the wall into my bottom bunk-oh my goodness this is disgusting there is wet stinky stuff pouring into my bed from above-I don’t know what’s happening here-my pillow is covered, what is my brother doing to me? I’d better holler even though she told me to be quiet and go to sleep‘.

I start yelling for Christopher to help, he was asleep on the couch so it took a minute for him to register that I needed him.  I try to wrap up the blankets but do a crummy job, as I hand them to Christopher, chunks of food fall all over the floor.  Kyler and Rylee are trying to watch at the door.  I’m in bed with Caleb trying to get his covered jammies off.  The smell is overwhelming.  Unique.  I’ve never seen so many chunks of food.  Big chunks.  I backtrack a bit to figure out what this all is.

Ivar’s has been my favorite fun quick place out for a long time.  I have loved it since I was a teenager.  We had spontaneously hopped down to Ivar’s that night for dinner with my parents to enjoy the last nice day this week.  Caleb inhaled 3 pieces of fish.  And fries.  And the oranges I brought.

Fish everywhere.  Completely recognizable fish pieces.  Down the wall.  In Kyler’s bed.  All the way onto the carpet.  This is beyond what Christopher can handle.  I think about this time he started doing the dishes in the kitchen.  I get Caleb in the bath and start picking up chunks.  I use a half a pack of baby wipes, about 40 of them no joke.  I have fish vomit in my fingernails.  Deep breaths trying not to hurl.

I make a bed on the floor for Caleb after the 30 minutes of chunk-removal-work in his room.  He is happy to go back to sleep now next to his bowl.

Now the real disaster.  I go to the family room where all the dirty linens are piled.  We have a fragile washer.  It does basic washing okay.  But not heavy duty.  Not chunks.  Not great with my (kids) cloth diapers.  Fish vomit I figure will completely do it in.  I ask Christopher for suggestions.  He says “You could take it all to the laundrymat tomorrow”.  I say, “Three busy kids, one puking kid,  in a laundrymat with 4 loads of fish puke blankets?  That is insane.”

It’s late and dark.  I drag the blankets outside and hang each one over the deck railing.  Two are loaded with chunks not compatible with my washer.  I decide my only option is to shake them out onto the grass.

Only…did I mention it’s dark?  I thought I had the worst one turned the right way (away from me) but I did not.  I shook with all my might and wet, sticky pieces of fish covered my chest, neck, shoulders, arms, face and hair.  There is no way to describe how gross that was.  I threw the blanket down and starting picking food off as quick as I could.  There were pieces in my hair I could not get out.  If I wasn’t sure before, I knew then that I was headed for the shower.

Still having a great deal of work to do on these blankets, my next idea was to get out the hose.  This proved a far better plan.  I turned it on high and (close to midnight now) sprayed the heck out of the blankets.  Chunks flew off (only this time not on me) and then I spray cleaned the deck as well.  Now they were ready for my washing machine.  Thank goodness.

The rest of the night Caleb quietly used the bowl I’d given him and he slept till morning.  I got up with Audrey 3 times and was able to get the laundry mostly through by morning.  Wonderful.

All this to say, I’m not sure I will ever be able to dine at Ivar’s again.  It will never be the same.

How did I get here?

Sometimes I feel like life fast forwards and I am not sure how I end up where I am.  After a fairly smooth transition to life with four kids, Audrey got sick in November and hasn’t slept well since her 4 days in the hospital.  Since Chris works long hours, I am the only one up with Audrey.  Without sleep, life gets more blurry for me.  The ‘fast forwards’ happen more often and my head spins.

For instance, I don’t think I ever would have imagined myself at a McDonald’s on a Sunday morning at 9:00.  I even had the bit of brilliance to go through their drive thru to get my cheap, rather gross coffee so that I wouldn’t have to wait in line inside with the kids.  Then we pulled around and ran inside where I watched them play in the play area for over an hour.

Did I mention I was still in my pajamas?  And so was Caleb-bright red footie pj’s with yellow rain boots over them.  Rylee as well was still in jammies I’m fairly sure.  Really it was only this morning and already the memory is so foggy.  We had a great time for the most part.  One of my children gets overwhelmed by that loud environment even when no other kids are present and took breaks to cry in my lap.  But the other three did have fun.

In the same way, I just folded and put away every stitch of clothes that we all own.  But somehow there are clothes in a big pile filthy dirty in front of the washer as well as clothes in every hamper.  How did one 6 year old manage to get pooped on by a chicken wearing three different shirts in two days? How is this possible?  How did time move so quickly?

Similarly, days ago I bought plants for the yard and somehow 4 days passed without me noticing and they were drying out and so tonight I  rather desperately dug holes with my bare hands, since it was pitch dark and I couldn’t find the shovel, knowing that the week starts tomorrow and it would be even harder to get them in the ground.  Just thinking about that makes me sigh.  Is it really the start of the week when your husband is working both weekend days and they have felt just exactly like any old Monday through Friday?

Strange to me this not having weekends.  I have had a far harder time adjusting to that than I expected.  Full time mama of four duty Monday through Sunday.  Not easy.  Adding in 26 little chicks?  Slightly insane actually.  But no regrets there, truly none.  The kids are happy.  They bring so much laughter and so many smiles.  If I can just stop ‘trying’ and keep slowing down to enjoy the moments as they come.  Why in the world is that so hard?

It seems to me I’ve let go of so much.  The little things that don’t really matter.  Showers.  Clean fingernails.  Getting out of jammies…..no, not the kids, me-don’t worry my kids do usually shower and get dressed.  And the big things that also don’t really matter, or at least they shouldn’t.  Perfection.  Appearance.  The invisible, unspoken “Mom Standard”.  But there is still so much in the way.

Big sigh.

Trying to breath in deeply.  Trying to give up my hopes of a detailed clean car that doesn’t stink like who-knows-what.  Thankful to have a car that is paid for and full of gas and cheerios.

Trying to realize I can’t clean the cobwebs or scrub the (white!) cabinet doors in the kitchen.  Thankful to have beautiful children to smear food on the cabinets and who don’t even know what a cobweb is.

Trying to keep exercising and eating better to lose (even a bit of) baby weight.  Thankful for a husband who loves me as I am.

Trying to catch brief moments with my husband that loves me so well while he is away from us so much.  Incredibly thankful he has a job and works so hard to provide for us.

Trying to not try quite so hard but to keep letting go.  Remembering these words that I love tonight:

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and YOU WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Just Heard Thursday – Chicken Edition


It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:

Rylee -“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…we even dance with them too!”


Caleb (exasperated) – “I am overloaded with chicks.  I have chicks all over me.  (overheard from in the bathroom – we can only hope that any statement like this will only be made in reference to chickens)


Caleb – (holding a tiny chick in his hands up high in dramatic fashion) “The King of the Beasts!”


Kyler – (looking sweetly into the eyes of his chicken) “You a trouble maker.”


Kyler – “Look Mama, I make him go to sleep”


Caleb – “Mama, will you get a kleenex and wipe my chicks bottom?”


Mama – “Why don’t you put yours back and let him rest?”

Kyler – “He told me he not want to go in there.”


(in the middle of a conversation with Mama)

Rylee – “What’s that?  Oh, sorry Mama, Fluff is calling me.”  (she then proceeds to run down the hall to the chicks to grab Fluffy, the fav chicken.)


Rylee – “What are you looking at?”

Mama – “Fluff, I am just looking at Fluff”

Rylee – “What are you looking at fluff for?”

Mama – “I am just trying to figure out what kind of bird Fluff is.”

Rylee – “Mama, Fluff is a chicken!”


Things heard from Mama and Daddy:

“No actually, the chicken is not a sword”

“No chickens inside your clothes”

“Get the chick out of Audrey’s mouth!”

“The chicken is not a fire hose shooting water all over”


What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog (you can even use our logo if you link back here).

Happy Thursday!

Welcome back Junior!


Along with thousands of other raving Mariner fans, I had the privilege of welcoming Ken Griffey Jr. back to Safeco Field for the first time as a Mariner since the 1999 season.  What a great day for baseball!  We could not have asked for anything better (except for parking).  Arriving at the ball park only a few minutes after it opened up was a bit of a mistake.  After driving around for a significant amount of time, we ended up paying to park in one of the lots close to the field.  Can you say opportunistic?  Wow.  Once we got into Safeco though, everything was forgotten and once again we were thrust into the gem that is baseball.  The sights, sounds, and smells were great to take in as we meandered around the park.  I stopped into the team store to price a Griffey jersey…yikes!  Not only were the prices outrageous but the lines were even worse.  Then we went down to the field to watch some bp and sat around throughout the opening day festivities.  When they announced #24 the crowd went bananas, this was only to be topped by his first at bat of the night, a line drive single hit in the right field gap.

A great night had by all.  We were treated to blue skies, sunshine, good baseball, Jr’s return, extra innings,  a mariners win, and memories to cherish.  From a fan that grew up watching you, thanks Jr.  How about the next time you are in town, we grab some Starbucks, my treat.

If you are interested in the game and Griffey’s comments regarding his return, read this story. Oh and thanks to FSN for the picture.

Day two-26 for 26

It’s our second day with chicks and all 26 are still here.  They have to be the most loved chicks ever.  Rylee asked to sleep with “Fluffy”.  We had to say no to that.  More on that later. For now, just pictures.


The kids are playing chick daycare.  Above is the naptime location, an unused potty bowl.  After they nap they get play time and promptly poop and run all over the bathroom floor.  It is really a sight to behold and no words do it justice.

The chicks are here!

Before the fun pictures, let me recount our trip to the post office to pick up the chicks.  First of all, going to the post office with four young children is not my favorite thing to do.  I love a challenge and a good adventure, but the post office for many reasons is a big challenge for me.  It’s quiet, people don’t like waiting in the long line, etc.  Nonetheless, it was the only way we were going to get them so we headed out quick as we could.

As soon as we walk in the door I notice there are already 8 people in line.  Bummer.  I tell the kids to stand in line and go up front to ask if we still have to wait in the line if we are just picking up the baby chicks (that I can hear peeping).  Yes.  I go back to the line to find Caleb getting a lecture about climbing up on a small counter (of course, he is a 4 year old boy after all-why would he not want to climb).

Lady in line to Caleb: “Young man, can you read the sign here, it says PLEASE NO CHILDREN CLIMBING ON COUNTER.  Get down from there right now or the workers will come out and get you.”

Me (slightly annoyed that someone else is threatening my son): “He can’t read that but Caleb do get down, we aren’t supposed to climb up there okay?”

No problem.  He gets down promtly and I tell them to walk down to the other end of the room and then walk back to me.  They do, and I notice there is an empty popcorn cart down there, perfect to check out and walk around.

Another lady in line (with as sour a face as you can imagine):  “They are touching the cart, oh my the cart is moving, they shouldn’t be playing with that (she gasps).”

I note that there is no sign anywhere saying do not touch the cart, and my kids are gently opening and shutting the doors and rocking it back and forth on its wheels which could be locked but are not.  They are laughing.  They are excited.  They are taking in the world.  Seeing how things work.  They are not out of control, they are merely observers and participators.  I’ll stop here, because this is a whole other blog post about how people expect children to act just like grown ups when in fact they are not-they enjoy life in a much louder and far less inhibited way that we do.

I plan to ignore her but my blood pressure is quickly rising.

Same lady again: “Oh dear, that must be an antique, yes I’m sure it is.  It is definitely an antique.  Oh my, not good, they should not be there.”

Me (now I have to say something):  “I’ll go check (I walk down and back).  Nope, actually it’s just made of cheap plywood, not an antique and they aren’t breaking anything, they are just seeing how it works.  They are just fine.”

Now, very agitated and upset lady: “Still they should not be down there, it’s not good.”

Me (now trying to not completely blow a gasket): “You know, are these your children?  No I didn’t think so.  I said they are JUST FINE.”

My heart is now beating through my chest.  I literally bite down on my tongue to avoid saying what I want to say which is: It is rude, crabby people like you that ruin other people’s days and make me stressed out to come to the post office.  Keep your unpleasant thoughts to yourself and mind your own business.

It is silent except for the sound of the peeping box and my happy children who can’t wait to get their chicks.  I feel like everyone is holding their breath.  Now 14 people are in line.  We are next.  I count to ten in my head, gather the kids and we make our way to the counter.  Our moment has arrived and despite all that has transpired in the last 10 minutes, we announce we have come for the chicks.  The kids squeal and I bring the box down and we move out of the way so that I can open it and we can peek at them.  They are as darling as we expected.  It takes me about an hour to calm down.  Goodness it’s amazing the impact people can have, for good or for bad.

Now, here are the pics from our morning:

Will anyone notice if I...?
Will anyone notice if I...
Try to climb in?
...try to climb in?

Wet eggs

After a lovely brunch at the Sween’s complete with a grown up egg hunt and lots of babbling between Audrey and Isaac


We headed home to catch the neighborhood egg hunt for the kids.  One of our neighbors organizes it every year and it is a kick….even in the pouring rain.  We barely made it in time to get to the yellow starting line, but we got there.