I feel compelled to share a sampling of what we are experiencing and for those who are prone to worry about our little family, you don’t need to, here’s why. I read a quote recently that said “Don’t confuse your employer with your Provider”. How very true that ultimately God is the One who provides for us and many are the ways He chooses to do that.

This summer during our everything-in-the-house-is-going-to-break phase that we went through after hand washing our dishes and sopping up the dishwasher leak with towels every day, we opened the door one afternoon to find someone who candidly told us that Home Depot had been giving away free dishwashers so they stopped to get us one…likely story. It was a very nice dishwasher and though free to us, it was not free to them.

Along the same lines, a sweet young adult from the college group at church spent two days fixing our broken toilet and moldy bathroom flooring. I watched helplessly holding the baby as he scooped dirty toilet water out of the toilet so he could get it out of the house. After a minute of being at a loss for words I finally muttered “Can I get you some gloves?”. He said “That would be great” with a smile. We simply did not have the resources to fix this and I don’t know what we would have done without him.

Also this summer when the rat man came and AFTER he did his dirty work he told me he only took cash, I handed him all of our grocery money and held back tears. Within hours and before we even sat down to pray about our needs, God replaced the money in various ways and we did not go without.

Little things like my neighbor who bought me 20 pounds of tomatoes and wouldn’t let me pay her back for them, another neighbor brought us spinach and a whole chicken one night this week. These people on our street who we have finally connected with over our 3 years living here, they are part of my prayers for somehow things working out for us to stay here.

Big things, like today I went out to the car and there was an envelope there with our family’s name on it. I cried again (the 15 days in a row of crying only had 1 day off by the way). There were several things we were figuring out how to get squared away and now they will be taken care of.

I feel like we are getting a taste of the early church days, when people “gave to anyone as he had need” (Acts 2:45). And like we are being reminded that our needs are not unnoticed and they will be met in exactly the right ways-however unconventional and unexpected it may seem.

The most amazing part? If we weren’t in need, we wouldn’t have had the delight of seeing all these things done on our behalf. If we could do it ourselves, we would. But we can’t….and He can.


4 things

I just learned about this whole ‘tagging’ thing, so thanks Kim for the nod and here is my list:

4 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1-planning my enormous dream wedding to my high school sweetheart
2-trying to go to school/pass classes while planning my enormous dream wedding
3-volunteering with our church’s junior high youth group
4-arguing with my sisters about something ridiculous like clothes or who ate the ice cream

4 things on my to-do list for today:
1-stop eating cookies
2-stop making such good cookies that I have to eat them
3-find an ergo for my sister at the mill creek garage sale
4-get 3 pineapples at Safeway while they are on sale for $1.99 so we can eat them and still pretend it’s summer time

4 random things I love about my husband:
1-he has warm feet and gorgeous hair
2-he is unceasingly patient with my complicated, demanding, relatively unreasonable self
3-he always takes out my trash and always love what I cook
4-he has an incredible ability to be diplomatic and upright in any situation-something I aspire to but likely will never achieve

4 jobs that I have had:
1-a nanny for 2 sweet little boys in high school (they took me to New York with them for a week all expenses paid)
2-a barista at a specialty grocery store in Kirkland (where everyone thought I was a prude but they just never got to know me very well)
3-a behavioral health specialist working with high risk pregnant women-I loved every minute of it. When I started I was 23, fresh out of college and I just finally officially quit last October. I can’t begin to describe what an incredible group of women I worked with there, they greatly shaped who I am today.
4-hmmm, my mom paid me to bake 330 cookies for her this summer, does that count? They were good cookies.

4 movies I have watched more than once:
1-Ever After (my husband gave me this one as a wedding gift)
2-Return to Me
3-Pride and Prejudice….which one? Duh-the 5 hour REAL one
4-The Sound of Music (probably at least 20 times)
BTW Kim, my wedding video too (this year we watched it with the kids, it was hysterical-you should try it)

4 places I have lived:
1-in a lonely apartment at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA
2-across the border in Langley, BC where my love burned tracks on I-5 back and forth nearly every weekend to come and see me at Trinity Western University
3-overlooking Lake Washington in the married student housing at Northwest University-we paid $470 per month for this cute little place with a full view of the lake, we had no idea how good we had it!
4-in a cozy condo in Kirkland that was the first home we owned

4 places I have been (I’m going to cheat on this one, just so you know):
1-fishing in the icy waters of Alaska
2-taking in the beauty of Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyons
3-soaking up sunny San Diego, CA (x2)
4-the outer banks of North Carolina (x3)
5-in a lodge in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (x3)
6-touring through Yellowstone National Park
7-at the top of the road to Glacier National Park with my sisters and baby Rylee
8-on the sandy beaches of Maui with my parents, husband and 2 babies
9-swimming too close to sharks in the warm Atlantic in Florida
10-visiting family in Alabama
11-serving among the poor in San Salvador, El Salvador where on day 5 of our trip two pink lines changed our life forever
12-to a wedding on a ski slope in Alberta, Canada
13-to the home of country music in Nashville, TN
14-to a wedding in Philadelphia, PA (which included traveling to/through Delaware, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina)
15-visiting a girl named Kim in Honolulu swimming in our socks just because we could eating boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts till we were sick
16-the Oregon Coast (x15…wow)
17-honeymooning in Sunriver, OR in a darling little house that we rarely left for a week
18-hanging out with my super fun grandparents in Williamsburg, VA
19-in Vegas for 23 hours to attend our friend’s wedding-it was more than long enough!
20-watching my husband parasail over the waters in New Zealand while carrying our unborn baby girl in my belly
**my grandparents are to thank for many of these adventures, they’ve built a love for travel and for family into every one of us, we are eternally grateful**
4 places I want to visit:
1-Austria (see above about the Sound of Music)
2-Williamsburg, VA (as long as there are grandparents there, it’s on my list)
3-The eastern coast of Canada, Nova Scotia (Anne of Green Gables land)
4-New Zealand (again-it was hands down the most amazing place I’ve ever been)

4 TV shows I watch:
To be perfectly honest, I go months without watching a single TV show, so I can’t answer this one.

4 things you may not know about me:
1-my first words as a baby were “Unions No”-thanks Grandpa!
2-if you closely read this list, you know it already, but I attended 3 colleges in as many years….my dad quit buying me the sweatshirts by the third one!
3-I am a really bad dancer, seriously….ask my husband.
4-I don’t like chocolate….well, if you know me very well you know this but I can’t think of anything else!

Now I get to tag four people right but I don’t think I know four people with a blog…
Okay so maybe I do know four people, but if you don’t want to do it don’t worry, just know you are about the only other blogs I read!

Nightime smiles

There’s nothing quite like waking up at 1:00 in the morning to a silent, smiling face staring at you from about 4 inches away. It doesn’t freak me out any more but it sure used to. Kyler since moving into his big boy bed does this every now and then. Knowing Audrey could be up any time to eat and having only get to bed a bit ago myself, I nudged my husband to put Kyler back in bed. That didn’t work, I spoke as loudly as I could without waking up Audrey. That didn’t work either, I poked and prodded and loud whispered some more while Kyler stood by waiting for someone to usher him back to bed.

I gave up, took the chubby little hand that was waiting for me and walked with him to his room. Oh the rotten stench that greeted my sleepy nose. I tried to get past it assuming it was a wet bed from the top bunk boy perhaps, got Kyler tucked in, but I could not get over the smell. Finally I pulled Kyler back out of bed and checked his diaper. Indeed this was the culprit. I can’t really explain how difficult it was to change a two year old poopy toddler diaper in the dark in the middle of the night with a super sore wrist from tendonitis. I don’t even want to know how long it took. It took long enough for me to realize that I think it’s been a couple days since I brushed my teeth and they felt slimy and then I realized why I hadn’t brushed my teeth and then I started thinking about life and all the unknowns and then my brain was ticking and it took a long while to get back to sleep.

Just when I think we are back to being able to simulate some kind of normalness (yesterday was the very first day in 15 days that I didn’t cry at least once or five times), our kids remind me that they too wonder about our future. Caleb yesterday prayed at lunch (when he ONLY prays for food)-“God please help us to not have to sell our house and move away.”

Rylee too, informed me at nap time – “I want Daddy to find a job here so that we don’t have to move so that Dee Dee and Buzz can still live close to us because they can’t move with us because they already sold their cat kennel at their garage sale and they have nothing to bring the cats with them.” I love the reasoning of a 5 year old….that five year old is standing here chattering away at my too-tired-haven’t-had-coffee-yet self so I should wrap this up.

So thankful that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Even more thankful that He sees the big picture of our life and knows exactly where we’re going even when we don’t.