Got Gentian Violet?

Well, as strange as she may look, Audrey is not bothered by her joker-like purple mouth. Gentian violet is an age old remedy for many things and in Audrey’s case is treating the thrush (yeast overgrowth) in her mouth. The alternative was heavy duty anti-fungal prescription drugs given orally for 14 day-yikes! We are happy to deal with the purple mess for 3 days instead. The kids think it is paint and can’t quite grasp why their darling sister is ‘painted’ today.

Caleb on “God”

We are reading a bedtime story tonight about Peter and John healing the man crippled from birth.

Caleb: “How can Peter heal when he’s not God?”

Me (thinking, great question): “God fills him up with power and it is God’s power that heals the man through Peter.”

Caleb: “Yup, God’s filling me up right now”

Me (anticipating ‘love’ or ‘kindness’): “With what?”

Caleb: “Gas”.

Me (now trying not to laugh): “Gas?”

Caleb: “Yes, God’s filling me up with gas right now”

We have some more teaching to do obviously…..