1 down, 19 to go…

Note the gap on the bottom row of that beautiful smile!
Note the gap in that beautiful smile!

Well, the day finally arrived. After about a month of “working” on the tooth, it finally came out. Everyone was excited, jumping up and down. Our little girl is certainly not a baby anymore. The first loss of her baby teeth is not the first sign that our little girl is growing up, but it is certainly the latest. We were moving it around with a tissue and then I barely pulled on it and it came right out. When I would have loose teeth, my dad would tie a piece of dental floss around the tooth and either yank it out by hand or by the shutting of a door (with floss attached to door knob). This was quick and painless, but Rylee was not thinking it was such a great idea. How do you typically get your kiddos teeth out, or how did your folks get your teeth out?




Oftentimes it would just fall out, but sometimes my Dad would coerce me into letting him pull it out when it was getting close! What an exciting milestone!


Thanks for the beautiful picture Rylee. I love pictures of that first tooth missing! How exciting!


How fun! She was so cute on the phone last night telling me all about it! See you guys tomorrow….I love saying that 🙂