Our farm adventure

Rylee adores baby animals.  Really that is a huge understatement.

She recently told me “Mama, when I grow up and have my own farm, like Holly, you can come visit anytime.  You can milk my goats.  I know you love goats Mama.  Audrey will be there too, she will be my helper farmer.”

Today was I’m quite sure one of the best days of her life.  Instead of walking around the zoo, looking at animals from afar or going to a ‘pay farm’ where we could maybe pet through the fence, we traveled just under two hours in the car to a tiny town south of the Canadian border (seriously, the sign said 12 miles to the border town).  My dear friend Kim called her friend Janine and asked if we could come up and venture around their place for a while.  So that is what we did.

There was a litter of puppies, baby pigs, chicks, baby bunnies, cats, ducks, dogs, a cow and calf and LOTS of room to roam.  The pictures tell the story, so here you go:


As you can see, everyone had a great time.  Rylee spent about 3 solid hours hands on with little animals.  She stopped quickly to eat but that was it.  Kyler explored the tool/workshop area after a brief attempt at feeding bunnies and ducks.  He found the pressure washer to be a great giant gun and asked to start the John Deere at least a dozen times.  What about Caleb?  Disappeared to the (large) creek without telling us, so that he could throw rocks in, held bunnies with Rylee for a long time, played with puppies and jumped on the big trampoline.

Just Heard Thursday


It’s Thursday again and we have been collecting some of the funny things we heard our kids say this week.  We would also love to read about what your kids are saying too.  We just get such a kick out of posts like these.  Here is some of what made us smile this week:


(Mama snuggling with Kyler tucking him in for the night, only one thing on his mind)

Kyler: (in a sweet but insistent tone) “You make me eggs.”

Mama: “Okay baby, in the morning.”


Daddy:  “I love you so much, I can’t imagine life without you.”

Caleb:  “I love you too!”

Daddy:  “I love all of you and I can’t imagine life without Caleb, Kyler, Rylee, or even little Audrey!”

Rylee:  “Or even Mama”

Daddy:  “I certainly can’t imagine life without Mama, she is amazing.”

Rylee:  “Without Mama, how would we eat?”


Another installment of Just SEEN Thursday

Rylee:  “Daddy, can I style your hair?”

Daddy:  “Of course you can.  How do you think Daddy should style it?”

Rylee:  “Umm…I will do it for you and you can see!”


Daddy: (not quite hearing what Mama and Nana were talking about…) “What was that?  Who was fussy?”

Caleb: (not at all knowing what Mama and Nana were talking about but eagerly jumping in by responding to me) “Rylee, she is sometimes fussy when she is getting her hair put up” (spoken from someone who hears this “fussiness” regularly almost each time the hair goes up)


This exchange happened during Sojourn’s Palm Sunday Gathering in the kids teaching time.  Rylee was playing the part of Jesus and she sent two of her friends to go get the donkey.  Mama and Caleb went to go get the donkey.  After they brought the donkey to Jesus (Rylee) they began to lay out their jackets and branches for Jesus and the donkey to walk over.  While this was happening, Kyler took the donkey and took him off the path over to the couch.

Mama:  “Kyler, where are you going with the donkey?”

Kyler:  “The Jesus donkey need gasoween (gasoline in Kyler speak)”  And he began to pretend to pour something into the donkey.

Mama:  “But Kyler, donkey’s don’t take gas.”

Kyler:  “Jesus need gasoween.  He not go.  I give Jesus donkey gasoween.”


What have your kids been saying lately?  Leave some quotes in the comments below, or post them on your own blog and link back here.
Happy Thursday!

We are ready…

…for the chickens.

Our sweet friend Justin made a long drive down south to come spend a very long day with us building us a chicken coop. He and Christopher worked nearly 12 hours with a great deal of ‘help’ from our oldest three children.


The kids are totally ready too.  All day long we hear chickens.  Even little Kyler is getting it down – baak, baaahhk, baak!  Very fun.  The games have totally shifted as well, now everything is chicken-centric.  Today it was who gets to be in the coop laying the eggs and then one of the chickens was a runaway chicken the chicken farmer had to chase down.  You really need to see them inside the coop pretending to be chickens, it really is too much.  Very fun indeed and the little chicks are not even here yet.  I can’t imagine what will transpire once the much desired chicks actually arrive.  The week of April 13th will be one where we are anxiously awaiting the call from the Post Office – “Is this Christopher and Karissa Strovas?  Yes?  You need to come down to the post office right away and collect this box of chickens.”  That will be a glorious day.  The video camera is all charged up ready to capture that moment for sure.  We don’t know what day they will arrive, but it is supposed be anytime during the week of the 13th.  We will keep you posted for sure!